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"Jeff and the team at AAP really impressed me.  I called a number of air duct cleaning companies since my allergies were getting worse, and Jeff struck me as the most knowledgeable of those I talked to.  Before he started working he explained what he was going to do, and he showed me the build up of dust and dirt in some of the ducts - scary stuff!  He worked hard and charged me what he had quoted.  I will use AAP again next time I want my ducts cleaned."
John R
"I have 3 dogs and 3 kids, and I decided that it was time to have my air ducts cleaned as I was pretty sure that they would be far from clean.  I was referred to Jeff by a friend, and found him to be very easy to deal with.  It turned out that the air ducts were full of dog hair and it took the AAP team several hours to get them cleaned out.  They were very polite and didn't apply the hard sell tactics that some of the other firms tried.  A good company to work with."
Neil P

“When considering options for air duct cleaning, educate yourself first and make sure you hire a service that will actually get all of the gunk out of your ducts. I hired Jeff last year to clean my ducts and I could tell instantly that he knew what he was doing and his method was the best. I recommend that you consider Jeff with American Air Purification when you need your air ducts cleaned.” 
Eric G
"They inspected the furnace and ducts, then the vents. Then they set up their equipment and began to clean out the ducts. They went around to each vent, cleaned the cover then snaked a whip down each vent duct while the suction was on the furnace.
It was a great experience. The crew was professional, friendly and very thourough. My sister refered this company to me because she was very happy with them and now I am too. The guys didn't cut any corners and the machine they used was huge and powerful. We just moved into a turn of the (19th) century farmhouse and I was afraid to turn on the heat and have who-knows-what blow out. But after the guys left I checked the ducts out and they were completely clear! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anybody. These guys are the real deal! Buy with confidence"
"Originally scheduled for last Friday, but they discovered they needed the electric powered cleaner vs. the gas to protect my floors and new paint.  We rescheduled and they arrived on time and got right to work.
They first checked out the furnace and then cleaned all of the returns.  At this point, they went back into the basement and cleaned out the furnace and humidifier area. They called me down to point out that apparently the previous owners had NEVER cleaned or changed the humidifier filter and they didn't feel comfortable putting it back into the humidifier. I will be getting a new one. They showed me how to reassemble it.
They then cleaned all of the registers.  The guys did a great job, put up with my very nosey Jack Russell Terriers and worked very efficiently.  They were done in about 1.5 hours. They were very careful in what they did.  They even tore apart their machine to get it into my basement to avoid scratching the walls.
I can't wait to see the difference. I will definitely hire them again, particularly if I get the crew I had today."
"Two workers arrived on time, worked efficiently, and left our old home's ducts much cleaner.  They were able to tell us things about our HVAC system that we did not know, helpful information."
"I used American Air Purification for air duct cleaning.
It was an Angie's List Big Deal that I purchased. It turned out very well. They were on time and they did exactly what they said they were going to do. The two gentlemen were both very professional and courteous. They did a fine job. They were punctual and very thorough."
"I purchased the Angie's List $299 air duct cleaning with unlimited vents. Arrived right on time on a Monday at 9:00am. Both technicians seemed very experienced in duct cleaning and trustworthy. I seemed to have a very different system in place with vents in the ceiling upstairs, and my furnace settings in my newly purchased home were all wrong for summer A/C. They reset and labeled all of the valves, and checked my filters for the furnace and home humidifier. They educated me on the pros/cons of my air duct system, and how to most efficiently operate my A/C and furnace in order to get the most air flow and efficiency from them. Whole process took no more than 2 hours from arrival. Very trustworthy, efficient, and helpful. The A/C person that I had doing maintenance told me the air ducts were "bad"..."probably never been cleaned". However, these guys said that the air ducts were about what they would expect for the style of system and time since they were last cleaned (9 years). Will definitely call again and I am satisfied with the Angie's list deal."
"Whole house duct cleaning (2600 sq ft) and dryer vent cleaning.  The house appears to never have had it done before.  
They did a fantastic job, were thorough and got everything cleaned up nicely.  They even noticed two air returns from the 2nd floor that were not attached to any ducting in the basement (they were not taking in any air at all, and just venting into an empty hole in the basement), as well as a large hole in the return ducting in another area.  The dryer vent was hidden deep back behind some overgrown juniper bushes, and they had no problem crawling through them to get to it and do the job.  
They did a great job, were thorough, punctual, and had everything done to my satisfaction.  
Very knowledgeable.  I'd recommend them highly."
"I used American Air Purification to clean my air ducts.
Member Comments: 
They were excellent. I am allergic to cats and moved into a home that had a cat and I could not breathe. He came and used equipment that I had never seen. They blew everything out and I have not had a problem since. I have had air ducts done before but I have never seen equipment like they use. They sucked out all the vents. It was wonderful. I could finally sleep.."
"Jeff and his crew seemed great.
Jeff took time to review and discuss options & cleaning processes with us. 
When Jeff's crew came out to clean our ducts,  the lead gentleman, after checking several areas shared that in his opinion our ducts really didn't need cleaning. Jeff's crew could of went ahead and cleaned ducts for estimated $650.00 charge, yet instead, they took the time to discuss & show us how are ducts were pretty clean in the areas they checked & why they likely didn't need cleaning at this time.
WOW factor!!!"
"Cleaned out air ducts and floor vents.
Jeff was very punctual and professional. I feel confident that he thoroughly cleaned out my ducts, which probably have never been cleaned since it was built in 1950. He showed me the amount of dirt and debris that came out of my house and I was shocked. His work was very clean and neat. I am very happy with the results and I appreciate how well he cleaned up after himself...he even picked up the few dust bunnies that fell out into the road while loading up his truck. I will definitely hire again. Thanks Jeff!"
"All register vents were removed , cleaned and replaced. Duct work cleaned out with a vacuum , located outside the house.Crew reaches 10 minutes early and sets up quickly . They were very polite didn't disturbed anyone just went about the work."

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"Initially we couldn't get it scheduled since my work schedule is very busy and so is theirs. However finally we settled on a date and they were awesome. My house presented several challenges (including parking) and they managed to tackle all the obstacles with much professionalism. I was impressed. They were very thorough, fast, and efficient. I will definitely hire them again."
"The service was great. They did a good job. They pointed out some other points that would improve circulation and stuff. So, they were real good. We were able to schedule pretty quickly. They did good work. They have good customer service. It was an all-around good experience. Everything was good. I had no complaints at all.."