Our team is led by Jeff Propps  a certified HVAC Cleaning Specialist and is an Energy Star Contractor. Jeff has been engaged in restoration, remediation and the cleaning of HVAC systems for 17 years and has managed the following air cleaning projects:                                 

Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (34 stories): This building has two 15 story shafts and over a million square feet of offices. Careful planning allowed the team to clean these shafts and offices while keeping the building operational. 

Michigan State University (2.7million square feet):  It took only 5 weeks to clean a number of buildings, each of which was over 350,000 square feet. Many of these systems contained design modifications that presented difficulties that had to be solved on the spot.

Ohio Supreme Court:  The Ohio Supreme Court restoration project was a delicate restoration involving many pieces of irreplaceable artwork and architecture. By restoring rather than replacing the ductwork  the State of Ohio saved more than $100,000 as well as avoiding any damage to artwork and architecture. 

Ohio Prison Systems:  The prison HVAC systems were contaminated with mold and asbestos but Jeff and his team were able to remove and remediate the contaminants to more than comply with State air quality guidelines. There were many security and safety problems with which to contend in this projects.

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